Manufacturer: Panasonic
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Master of time and space

A lot of consumer-level camcorders will give you a good, stable, high-magnification zoom lens that makes short work of conquering spatial challenges. And many will offer substantial light-sensitivity, or audio gathering enhancements like microphone inputs and headphone outputs. But not many can offer the control over time that the innovative JVC GC-PX100 camcorder can. With five different high-speed frame rates, you can achieve slow-motion that will enable you to analyze movement and body mechanics like never before, making this an ideal camera for coaches and student athletes alike.

But what if we manipulate time in the other direction, capturing fewer frames per second instead of more? Then we enter the world of time-lapse photography, where we can analyze events that take place too slowly for us to perceive in real-time. The GC-PX100 offers 7 low speed capture modes that record directly to video files — no compiling image sequences like one does with many traditional still cameras.

In either case this camera is a window into experiencing the world in a vastly different way, a way that isn't apparent to our eye in real time.

Its connections pay off

What good is all this time manipulation if you can't do something cool with it? Glad you asked. JVC has you covered with one of the most comprehensive suites of Wi-Fi applications on a camcorder today. You'd expect support for iOS® and Android™ tablets and smartphones, and indeed the 'PX100 features both remote monitoring and control via both operating systems. But get this: coaches will love the ability to access those previously mentioned slow-motion captures directly on a Wi-Fi-connected tablet. And not only can you look at them, but you can also annotate them, draw straight lines along body pivot points, and get a readout of the resulting angle between those lines — making the process of analyzing a player's mechanics a quantifiable thing.

Other Wi-Fi features include home detection monitoring over the Internet, video emails and easy file transfer between compatible devices. Wi-Fi is truly this camcorder's secret weapon, multiplying its already significant capabilities.

The JVC GC-PX100's unique form factor is as functional as it is fun.

Great glass, strong audio support top off the package

The GC-PX100 comes with a well-appointed f/1.2 10X GT zoom lens. Its wide light-gathering aperture will let you shoot in challenging circumstances without the need for additional light support. Sensor-shift Optical Image stabilization, paired with JVC's Advanced Image Stabilizer, ensures your zoomed-in shots will be free of the shakes and shimmies that can dog other camcorders. And the external microphone input minijack, combined with a headphone output and a zooming on-board mic, enables you to capture clear, coherent audio from almost any scene simply by adding the appropriate microphone (available separately) to your shooting kit.