Panasonic AG-HPX370 Series P2 HD Camcorder

Manufacturer: Panasonic
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The Panasonic AG-HPX370 Series P2 HD Camcorder is an affordable 1/3" ENG camcorder that offers full-raster 4:2:2 sampling using the professional AVC-Intra HD codec. Equally at home recording 100Mbps DVCPRO HD, the AG-HPX370 brings new levels of lowlight performance to its three 1/3" CMOS sensors, utilizing Ultra Luminance Technology to provide the sensitivity and image quality of larger 1/2" imagers.

With two HD/SD-SDI outputs, two P2 media slots, a 17x Fujinon HD lens, and one SD memory card slot (for scene files and user settings), the AG-HPX370 is a top-level image capture device that also offers a high degree of versatility. It can accommodate both 1/3" and 2/3" lenses, it shoots in standard definition as well as HD, and with an optional remote control unit it can be used as a studio camera (aided by the included timecode and genlock functionality).

The variety of resolutions (1080i/p, 720p, 480i/p), frame rates (12-60p), image settings, and recording modes--not to mention the well-known advantages of a P2 workflow--all provide the flexibility, functionality, and sheer image quality that have made Panasonic's professional camcorders the workhorses of so many production environments.

Newly Developed U.L.T. Image Sensor
High levels of sensitivity and image quality have been achieved with a new high-sensitivity photodiode and low-noise pixel transistor, both based on low-noise analog process technology that was accumulated in Panasonic CCD camera development. Plus, the same levels of sensitivity and image quality that are found in Interlace mode are now possible in Progressive mode thanks to P.A.P. (Progressive Advanced Processing), a 3D adaptive processing technology.
Fujinon High-Performance 17x Zoom Lens
The AG-HPX370 series comes equipped with a Fujinon 1/3" 17x zoom lens. Optimized for use with the AG-HPX370 series, this high-performance HD lens incorporates advanced broadcast lens technologies to achieve a compact size, light weight, F1.6 at 4.5mm f-value at the wide end, and excellent zoom response. The zoom is comfortable to grip and use. Also, quick zoom and auto cruising zoom functions can be allocated to the VTR and RET switches.
Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC)
This exclusive technology sets up a conversation between lens and camera which allows for a highly sophisticated algorithm to be deployed that will automatically compensate the registration error caused mainly by lens chromatic aberration, and minimize the circumjacent blur.
Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS)
In scenes with mixed contrast, such as when panning from indoors to outdoors, the DRS function automatically suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights. A gamma curve and knee slope are estimated to match the contrast of each pixel, and are applied in real time. When dark, bright, and intermediate shades are all contained in the same scene, this produces excellent gradation for each shade and minimizes blocked shadows and blown highlights. The images that result are enhanced by a visually wide dynamic range. 1
Flash Band Compensation
The AG-HPX370 series is equipped with highly accurate flash band detection and compensation software on the camera's signal processing LSI. By generating pairs of frames containing flash bands, and frames in which a flash extends from the previous frame to the entire screen, and then using the compensation process to adjust the level, the flash band effect of MOS-based imagers is eliminated.
3-Position Gain Selector / 24dB Gain-Up Function
There is a 3-position gain selector, with L, M and H settings. To each setting you can assign a gain value from -3dB to 12dB, in 3dB steps. There is also a USER button--just give it a quick touch to instantly boost the gain by 24dB.
Newly Developed 20-bit Digital Signal Processor
The AG-HPX370 series incorporates a high-performance 20-bit DSP that handles image rendering processes such as gamma and various detail enhancement functions with exceptional precision. Consuming less power than conventional processors, the new DSP contributes to the AG-HPX370's outstanding environmental performance.
Scene File Dial
Adjust this dial for an instant set of shooting conditions. Six preset files are provided, and you can change any of the six file names and their settings as desired. You can also store and load the settings to and from an SD card.
Slow, Synchro and High-Speed Shutter
The shutter speed can be set between 1/6.25 second on the slow end in 50Hz mode (1/6 second in 59.94Hz mode) and 1/2000 second on the fast end. Used with the variable frame rate function, this allows you to create a blurring effect or crystal-clear stop-motion of sports action. The AG-HPX370 series also features a synchro scan function for capturing screen shots from a computer monitor.
Advanced Image Adjustments Built-In
  • Matrix setting, including a Cine-Like mode
  • Adjustable H detail level, V detail level, detail coring and skin tone detail
  • Adjustable chroma level, chroma phase, color temp and master pedestal
  • Knee point settings: Auto, Low, Mid and High
  • User files can be saved to an SD card and shared with other cameras. User files are separate from Scene Files.
  • 4-position (off, 1/4 ND, 1/16 ND, 1/64 ND) optical neutral density filter wheel
7-Mode Gamma for Richer Gradation
Drawing on technologies developed for the VariCam, Panasonic has equipped the AG-HPX370 with advanced gamma functions that address seven different shooting scenarios and enhance your creative abilities. This includes the Cine-Like Gamma, which produces the characteristic tone of film recordings.
20-Step Variable Frame Rate
Like the VariCam, the AG-HPX370 series allows undercranking and overcranking common in film cameras, to create fast-motion and slow motion effects. In 720p mode, the frame rate can be set to any of 20 steps. 2
1080/480 24p Advance Mode (in 59.94Hz mode)
The 1080 and 480 progressive recording systems convert recordings to 60i in 24p, 30p, or 24pA (Advance) mode. The 24p Advance mode uses 2:3:3:2 pulldown, which allows for an easy extraction to a 24p timeline and no quality loss in the process with compatible NLEs. 3
Scan Reverse Function for Use w/Film Lenses
The AG-HPX370 series comes with scan reverse. This function cancels the image inversion that occurs when a cinema lens adapter is used.
Comes Equipped with AVC-Intra Codec
An AVC-Intra codec board is included as standard equipment. It allows recording in either of two modes: AVC-Intra 100 for full-pixel HD (1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720) images, or AVC-Intra 50 for low-bit-rate, low-cost operation. AVC-Intra is a new codec that further advances HD production. It complies with the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 international standard based on advanced image compression technology, and offers both superb image quality and highly efficient compression. It uses an intra-frame compression system to bring important advantages to professional editing. In the AG-HPX370 series, a new single-chip digital signal processor is integrated with the AVC-Intra codec circuit. This is another way the AG-HPX370 series reduces power consumption.
High-Image-Quality AVC-Intra 100 Mode
With the same bit rate as DVCPRO HD, this mode supports full 10-bit recordings with 1920 x 1080 pixels. It enables the AG-HPX370 to capture master-quality video for high-end video production.
Low-Bit-Rate AVC-Intra 50 Mode
This mode delivers video quality very similar to DVCPRO HD, yet is able to do so at bit rates usually associated with standard definition (e.g., DVCPRO 50). AVC-Intra 50's lower bit rate doubles the recording time per P2 card over DVCPRO HD and lowers storage requirements for editing.
HD Multi-Format Capability, Including Native 24p
The AVC-Intra 100 and 50 codecs let you record in a choice of HD video formats: 1080/25p, 1080/50i, 1080/23.98p or 29.97p as well as 1080/59.94i. These HD formats bring extra flexibility to all of your production needs. The AG-HPX370 also supports 720p recording for HD image production in a variety of formats, including 50p, 59.94p, 23.98p and 29.97p.
Selectable DVCPRO HD Recording
The AG-HPX370 series also supports the conventional DVCPRO HD codec. Because the AG-HPX370 is designed to be used with the AG-HPX170 series/HVX200A series or a DVCPRO HD VTR, it adapts to a variety of system configurations.
48-kHz/16 bit, 4-Channel Digital Audio
The AG-HPX370 series can record full 48kHz/16-bit digital audio on all four channels. You can freely select the audio source for each channel, choosing from mic-in, line-in, and wireless receiver.
New One-Clip Rec Mode
The One-Clip Rec mode is handy for recording a variety of events. Whereas normal Rec mode produces a clip for each Rec start/stop cut, One-Clip Rec mode records up to 99 consecutive cuts as a single clip, which greatly improves the nonlinear editing work that follows. A text memo is automatically attached when recording begins, making it easy to find desired cuts within the clip.
P2 Recorder Section
The P2 recorder section offers reliable, large-capacity, high-speed memory card recording and a number of advanced functions, such as:

  • Immediate Startup and Better Data Protection
  • Clip Thumbnail Function
  • Text Memo (Bookmark) for Simple Editing
  • SD/SDHC Card Slot
  • 16:9 / 4:3 Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • Optional Proxy Data Recording
The new design improves mobility and operating ease while supporting a variety of assist functions. Features include:
  • New Design for an Enhanced Level of Mobility
  • Controls and Card Slots Grouped on One Side
  • Low Power Consumption--Only 19W
  • Focus Assist Functions
  • Simplified Waveform and Vectorscope Display
  • Three User Buttons
  • High Image Quality Color Viewfinder and LCD
System Interface
The AG-HPX370 series comes equipped with a wealth of interfaces:
  • New Camera Extension System for Low-cost Studio Integration
  • Remote Control-Ready
  • HD/SD-SDI Output Terminals and Down-Converter
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • IEEE 1394 Interface
  • TC IN, TC OUT, and GENLOCK IN Terminals
Other Features
  • White balance: Three values (A/B/Preset) of white balance with the auto tracking white function
  • Mode check: Displays a list of the camera settings on the viewfinder and LCD monitor
  • Zebra: Select any two levels from among 50% to 109%, in 1% steps
  • Y-GET: Measures brightness at the screen center and displays precise numerical data
  • The Audio Rec level adjustment features a push lock function
  • The Audio Input level adjustment (front) can be switched on/off and allocated to desired channels
  • UniSlot wireless receiver compatible
  • XLR audio input: 2-channel mic/line inputs supporting 48V phantom power supply
  • A battery or power supply doesn't come included. An optional Anton Bauer or IDX battery can be used. A V-mount battery plate is required for IDX batteries. Example Anton Bauer batteries include the DIONIC 90 or HyTRON 50. These can be charged by relevant Anton Bauer chargers (please see "Accessories" to your left and click on "Show More" under "Batteries & Power Adapters" for a full list.
  • Equipped with earphone terminal (mini-jack) and speaker