Panasonic HC-W850 Twin Camera Full HD Camcorder

Manufacturer: Panasonic
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The Panasonic HC-W850 Twin Camera Full HD Camcorder is a Full HD camcorder that features a secondary, "B-angle" sub camera built-in to the flip-out LCD display. The camcorder can record 1920 x 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second and also features a push-button slow-motion capability that can record slow-motion video in HD resolution at up to 120 frames per second. The camera features a 6.03MP effective resolution, back-illuminated MOS sensor and a 20x optical zoom lens with 5-axis image stabilization. In addition, it features Wi-Fi for streaming and wireless control, and includes support for NFC tap-to-configure connectivity.

6.03MP Sensor with Back-illumination
The camcorder's 1/2.3", 6.03MP effective resolution MOS image sensor features back-illumination and improvided image processing for up to 1.3 times better low-light performance compared to the previous generation, with image processing speeds that are approximately 1.5 times faster
Twin Camera Design
In addition to the main 6.03MP camera built into the body, the HC-W850 features a 5.3MP sub camera attached to the flip-out LCD screen. The secondary camera rotates horizontally 270 allowing you to capture two separate camera angles at once and record them simultaneously. For example, you can use the main camera with its zoom lens for your close-up shots and the second camera for a wide shot to cover the whole scene. Alternative, you can use it to catch reaction shots of yourself while filming your subject with the main camera. Video from the secondary camera is superimposed at VGA (640 x 480) resolution, picture-in-picture-style, in a corner of the main image
O.I.S+ Optical Image Stabilizer
Uses a combination of optical and electronic image stabilization working across five axes to counteract unwanted camera shake. This feature can be disabled for tripod shooting or other situations where image stabilization is not required
Advanced Level Shot Function
Applies correction algorithm to compensate for unwanted side-to-side tilt especially when shooting handheld. This features offers three setting depending on the amount of tilting correction required: Off, Normal, and Strong
Capture Slow Motion at Full HD
Records natively at up 120 fps in Full HD resolution. In addition, the Intelligent Frame Creation feature allows you to apply a 2x slow-down to your footage in-camera, allowing you to create videos with an effective 240 fps for extreme slow-motion effects
4-Drive Lens System
Designed to keep the form-factor compact while incorporating the drive system required to move a 20x zoom lens
Built-In Wi-FI and NFC
Allows you to connect the camcorder to a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device that supports the Panasonic Imaging App so you can share your images through social media websites and stream live video using Ustream. With NFC (Near Field Connection) you will be able to configure the wireless connection simply by tapping your mobile device to the camcorder
Baby Monitor
Set up the camera in your baby's room and view a live video feed using the Panasonic Imaging App. In addition, you can program the app to trigger an automated alert when your baby start's crying or a voice is detected
Supports Remote Pan Tilt Cradle
This optional accessory, sold separately, uses a motion sensor featured on the camcorder to automatically track a moving subject when mounted between the camera and a tripod. The cradle has a 180 range of horizontal motion and a 15 vertical range. In addition, when combined with Wi-Fi connectivity, the cradle can be used as a remote pan/tilt control system for the camera, allowing you to operate the camcorder even if mounted in an inaccessible location or from another room
Creative Effects
The Creative Effects menu allows you to add the following stylistic effects to your movies in camera: Miniature Effect, 8mm Movie, and Silent Movie. In addition, Time Lapse Recording allows you to capture a series of still images at intervals and play them back as video to compress an event into a fraction of real time for an accelerated effect
IR Night Mode
The IR Night Mode removes the IR-blocking filter normally present over the MOS sensor. This allows the camcorder to use an invisible IR emitter mounted near the lens to illuminate the portion of the scene in front of the camera; making it possible to capture monochrome video even when there is no visible light. The area of IR illumination can be extended by adding separately available off-camera IR lights